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Spadoni Chestnut Flour

This is a traditional winter flour for preparing the typical “castagnaccio” or chestnut pancakes. The natural sweet taste of the chestnuts makes the flour perfect for preparing original desserts like crepes or chocolade cakes.

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Spadoni Cous Cous

The “smiling camel” is a kit containing cous cous and harissa. An alternative to rice and pasta, an exotic recipe which is becoming more and more popular with Italians due to its very fast preparation time.

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Spadoni Staccapizza

This mix is the dream of every Master pizzaiolo. It gives pizza a golden colour, permits to reduce flour waste, burning and stickiness. Beside obtaining a very tasty pizza, with Staccapizza it will be easier to remove pizza from the pan.

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Spadoni Fine Polenta Fioretto

Polenta Fioretto is a yellow, fine grain corn flour used to make creamy polenta. A special technique applied in the production process is used to ensure a fuller textured polenta.

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Spadoni Manitoba “0”

THE QUEEN OF FLOURS The well known flour from America suitable also for pizza to be deep frozen, very long rising time (more than 24 hours) W360.

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Spadoni PZ2 “00” Flour

FOR SOFT PIZZA Well balanced flour, good strength, short rising time (4-6 hours) W200.

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Spadoni PZ3 “00” Flour

OO flour is the finest grade in Italian wheat flours, and has the lowest protein content. OO flour is a universal blend for home made bread, pastries,cakes and pizza combines with semolina to make great fresh pasta .

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Spadoni PZ4 “00” Flour

FOR CRISPY PIZZA Strong flour, long rising time (10-20 Hours) W325.

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