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Artichokes Romana Stem 3Kg Tin (16 pieces)

Premium quality imported artichokes with stem, marinated in sunflower oil, extra virgin oilve, vinegar, chilli, garlic, parlsey and salt. Great for antipasto's or sandwiches.

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Cannoli Shells Small

Cannoli shells ready to fill with flavoured custard, sweet ricotta, gelato or creme patisserie. Delicious after a meal or anytime.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4LT TIN

Extra Virgin Olive oil from Puglia. Clean and fruity with a harmonic taste and a lovely floral scent.

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Green Sicilian Olives 5KG

The famous Miccio "le Olive" Sicilian Green Olives need to be tried to be believed. Large green olives with a firm flesh and a fresh fruity flavour. They are covered in brine to keep the colour vibrant green.

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Ligurian Olives 5KG

A black olive from the Ligurian region. Being very small and sweet are best utilised as a table olive.

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Occelli Testun al Barolo

In dialect, the term means "headstrong". The milk comes from animals that freely roam the summer pastures. Matured in "wine must" of the Nebbiolo of Barolo grape.

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Prosciutto Parma 21 or 16 months

The most famous italian cured ham, made from italian pigs according and subject to the "Consorzio di Parma" regulations.

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Whipped Cream Debic 700ml (6/ctn) Frozen

Debic Whipped cream combines a delicious cream with 100% convenience. In a matter of seconds you have a creamy finishing touch for all cold and warm desserts, fruit salads, ice cream, coffee and hot chocolate. Just shake the can, hold it upside down and press the button. The spray can is airtight and so guarantees high product quality which is also completely hygienic. Usage Defrost in refrigerator +/-48h shake well after usage, store in refrigerator. Storage Deep frozen. When defrosted use within 3 weeks and store refrigerated. Shelf-life after production: 365 days Ingredients dairy cream (33% fat); sugar (8%); propellant gasses: nitrous oxide; nitrogen; emulsifier: E 471; stabilisers: E 339, carrageenan.

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