Molino Spadoni

Mininni Durum Wheat Semolina Altamura (Pasta)

A special milling system allows to extract from the core of the grain a high quality product. “Gauged flour” (low in gluten) is utilized especially in the production of fresh pasta and pasta dried at low temperatures.

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Mininni Durum Wheat Semolina Altamura “Rimacinata”

Obtained from the able blending of the best durum wheat ranges, this “re-milled” semolina is characterised by the presence of proteins and gluten. These substances determine the flour’s suitability to be made into bread and the nutritional values of this finished product.

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Spadoni Fine Polenta Fioretto

Polenta Fioretto is a yellow, fine grain corn flour used to make creamy polenta. A special technique applied in the production process is used to ensure a fuller textured polenta.

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Spadoni Manitoba “0”

THE QUEEN OF FLOURS The well known flour from America suitable also for pizza to be deep frozen, very long rising time (more than 24 hours) W360.

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Spadoni PZ2 “00” Flour

FOR SOFT PIZZA Well balanced flour, good strength, short rising time (4-6 hours) W200.

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Spadoni PZ3 “00” Flour

OO flour is the finest grade in Italian wheat flours, and has the lowest protein content. OO flour is a universal blend for home made bread, pastries,cakes and pizza combines with semolina to make great fresh pasta .

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Spadoni PZ4 “00” Flour

FOR CRISPY PIZZA Strong flour, long rising time (10-20 Hours) W325.

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