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Santomiele Capicollo

Roll of figs filled with pistachios, almonds, cinnamon and rhum.

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Santomiele Cilentana

A selection of figs with almonds, walnuts and mediterranean aromas (laurel, wild fennel) or figs with dark chocolate (cocoa 70%).

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Santomiele Fagottino

Figs with almonds cooked in leaves figs.

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Santomiele Ficaiole & Dottatini

Figs individually wrapped and filled with figs, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, dark chocolate.

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Santomiele Melassa di Fichi

A syrup made with juices squeezed from figs.

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Santomiele Scugnizzi & Scugnizzi

A mixture of figs and rhum, and figs with coffee.

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