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La Stella Treccia Mozzarella

Trecce is a type of pasta filata cheese formed into a braided shape. The flavour is mild and refreshing, sweet with a light buttery taste. Trecce has a firm and springy body and texture that allows melting and stretching in long strands.

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Lupara Buffalo Bocconcini Cheese D.O.P.

Lupara Buffalo Bocconcini are mouthfuls of fresh mozzarella made from 100% buffalo milk. Mild, fragrant and delicate tasting.

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Lupara Buffalo Mozzarella

Delicate but flavourful fresh cheese made entirely of whole buffalo milk. Itís appreciated for its nutritional value and its content of calcium, protein, vitamins and mineral salts.

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Parmalat Mascarpone

Parmalat Mascarpone is a triple-creme cheese, made from a generally low-fat (25%) content fresh cream.

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Stella Fior di Latte

Fior di Latte is a fresh cow milk mozzarella ideal for pizza topping and caprese salads.

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Stella Mozzarella Bufalina

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella that is perfect for incorporating on pizza, pasta and salads.

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