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Burgomaster Double Smoked Ham - Approx 7kg - PC

Traditional double smoked leg ham made the old way, a full leg of pork, bones removed, trimmed of excess fat and sinew, pickled, rolled, double smoked and cooked to produce the finest ham you will taste.

more info Burgomaster Double Smoked Ham - Approx 7kg - PC

Byers Regal Double Smoked Ham - 1/2 -Approx 3kg

A boneless, hand tied leg ham with a strong visual appearance and an old-fashioned ham flavour. These leg hams are produced from 100% Australian fresh pork and are manufactured under our strict quality guidelines by highly trained staff

more info Byers Regal Double Smoked Ham - 1/2 -Approx 3kg

Guanciale - approx. 250g

Pork cheek is rubbed with salt, ground black pepper or red pepper and cured for three weeks. Its flavor is stronger than other pork products, such as pancetta, and its texture is more delicate. Guanciale is traditionally used in dishes like Pasta all'amatriciana and spaghetti alla carbonara. It is a delicacy of Central Italy, particularly Umbria and Lazio.

more info Guanciale - approx. 250g

Speck - approx. 1.8 kg

Like prosciutto and other hams, speck is made from the hind leg of the pig, but, unlike other prosciutti, speck is boned before curing. A leg of pork is deboned and divided into large sections called "baffe", and then cured in salt and various spice combination which may include garlic, bay leaves, juniper berries, nutmeg and other spices, and then rested for a period of several weeks. After this the smoking process begins. Speck's origins at the intersection of two culinary worlds is reflected in its synthesis of Italian salt-curing and central European smoking.

more info Speck - approx. 1.8 kg
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