Dragoni Arroz Bomba Rice

This rice originates from Spain and used to make Spainís national dish Paella. This is a short grain rice and is the supreme strain as it expands in width like an accordion rather than longitudinally as do other strains. It absorbs three times its volume in broth and is perfect to use when making Paella rice.

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Dragoni Riso Arborio Superfino 12 x 1kg

Arborio rice is very well known and appreciated for its characteristics. Rich in starch its large pearly grains expand during cooking.

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Dragoni Riso Carnaroli 12 x 1kg

Carnaroli rice is rich in amylose, a substance which contributes to the grains firmness. With an excellent balance between absorbing flavours and little loss of starch which garantees the perfect cooking.

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Dragoni Riso Roma

Roma rice grains are characterised by their long, full bodied texture and absorbs any sauce while remaining perfectly compact and well separated.

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Dragoni Riso Vialone Nano 12 x 1kg

Vialone Nano rice is considered the founder of the Italian rice production. It has a particularly thick and round grain that makes it versitile and suitable for a vast variety of dishes.

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Dragoni Venere Black Rice

WHOLEGRAIN - Venere Black rice has a natural aroma and pigmentation due to natural pigments contained in the pericarp. Like all the new varieties of rice even Venere Black Rice was obtained through a complex system of crosses between two varieties of rice. It is used to serve with fish, meats or vegetables and even for desserts.

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