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Black Truffle Fresh - Australian

Known as the diamonds of the culinary world, truffles are prized all over the world for their pungent aroma and distinct flavor. Only available in winter.

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Tentazioni Black Truffle

Black Truffles have been highly sought after by fine chefs, food lovers and entrepreneurs since they were first discovered in Perigord many centuries ago.

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Tentazioni Black Truffle Cream

Black Truffle Cream is made from a traditional Italian recipe using the highest quality black truffles. It can be used alone straight from the jar.

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Tentazioni Black Truffle Olive Oil - 250ml

Condiment made of olive oil and Black, White truffle or Pore Fungos aroma. As a condiment for fillet "carpaccio", mayonnaise, first (pasta) courses, risotto, boiled vegetables, boiled fish and fish.

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Tentazioni Butter and Summer Truffle

Tartufetta Butter and Black Summer Truffles is a ready to cook gourmet condiment. Tartufetta gourmet food product is a condiment made of butter, summer truffles, and grated Reggiano Parmigiano cheese.

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Tentazioni Butter and White Truffle

White truffle butter can elevate your food to a whole new level of flavour. It has a subtle, sublime taste and enticing aroma that simply must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

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Tentazioni Micro Affetta Tutto

This truffle shaver/slicer is all stainless. The blade is also stainless and razor sharp for effortless slicing of truffles, cheese and chocolate. Cutting thickness is precise and infinitely variable.

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Tentazioni Sliced Bianchetto Truffle

Bianchetto truffle, also known as Marzuolo, is abundant in Tuscany, Piedmont and Marche regions. The smell is the main characteristic that distinguishes it from the white truffle, because if it is soft and pleasant.

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Tentazioni Tartufata

Tentazioni Tartufata is made with mushrooms, truffles and olives, making it a genuine treat to the palatte! Use as a spread or sauce with pasta, risotto or anything you desire.

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Tentazioni White Truffle Cream

Superb infused flavouring for the gourmet or gourmand cook. A beautiful spread for very special occasions.

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Tentazioni White Truffle Sauce

Made with extra virgin olive oil and a slice of real white truffle, is a flavourful enhancement for steak, pasta, fried eggs, mushroom dishes and cheese.

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Tentazioni White Truffles

It smells pleasantly aromatic and contrary to other types of truffles it does not have a garlic-like smell. This makes it unique. It lives in symbiosis with oak trees, lime trees, poplars and and is rarely found in combination with other truffles.

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