Levante Fruttato Dop 750ml Filtered (12 Ctn)

Levante Fruttato Dop 750ml Filtered (12 Ctn)

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Levante Fruttato Dop 750ml Filtered (12 Ctn)

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Levante # Dop750filt


This Levante Extra Virgin Olive oil Fruttato DOP is one with superior characteristics, aroma and flavour. The Levante Extra Virgin olive oil Fruttato DOP is produced from carefully selected olives, hand picked and cold pressed, right after their harvest so the olives maintain their flavour and nutritional qualities. This Levante Extra Virgin Olive oil Fruttato DOP undergoes the severe control of the Denomination of Protected Origin guaranty which checks that all of the processing, from the cultivation of the olive trees to the oil-production and the bottling phase, does happen in the area of origin. OLIVES VARIETY: 100% 'Coratina' REAPING: mechanical shaking and hand-picking PROCESSING: Mixed, with granite mullers and centrifugal extraction. Cold working and single squeezing. PROCESSING-TIME: within 24 hours from reaping ACIDITY: 0,3% COLOUR: yellow with shades of green and gold FRAGRANCE: fruity with notes of green apple and grass TASTE: fruity with bitter-hot like notes COMBINING: vegetables soups, legumes soups, Mediterranean typical courses, cruditès

Additional Information

Since 1902 the oil-mills of Tenuta del Levante has been producing extra virgin olive-oil of excellent quality. Levante was born more than one century ago. The Cassetta family started in Andria (Puglia) the milling activity of olives and were producing a very excellent oil that soon caught the attention of consumers. Levante Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes it sort after, thanks to its balanced taste, the fragrant scent, the high digestibility and the extraordinary lightness. Since then Tenuta del Levante has kept on receiving the unconditioned appreciation of the most delicate palates both in Italy and abroad, respecting the old traditions of its oil-millers and using the latest technologies.

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