Miccio Black Ligurian Olives

Miccio Black Ligurian Olives

Product Name

Miccio Black Ligurian Olives

Product Brand

Miccio # 900 - 5 Kg # 914 - 500g


Miccio Ligurian Black olives are named after the region. Miccio Ligurian Black Olives are very small and sweet and are best utilised as a table olive.

Additional Information

Miccio offers a wide variety of table olives carefully selected and expertly packed, according to the rules of the most genuine Italian culinary tradition, to arrive intact on the boards of the lovers of good food and genuine taste. Miccio over the years, has developed two high-tech production lines that allow the company to be on the market with a wide range of products to meet the many needs of the consumer. Miccio has two manufacturing processes and packaging: pickled products, produced in a protective atmosphere. Repeated washing of the product in tanks and automatic controls for thorough agitation of salinity. This is why Miccio Sicilian olives are sought after throughout Australia.

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