Woodfired Oven - Large

Woodfired Oven - Large

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Woodfired Oven - Large

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This 135 cm pizza oven is great for commercial use. It as a large capacity for all your culinary requirements.

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Forni Cirigliano Pizza Ovens are amongst the most sought after in the overseas market. These ovens have recently been introduced to the Australian market. The interior of these ovens are made of full brick. The bricks are specially sealed for prolonged insulation, and the base of the oven is also filled with a special insulating material, which maintains the heat. With these special insulating materials, precise heat is constant, ensuring perfection for your bread and pizza. These ovens take about an hour to reach 350ºC-450ºC, being the operational temperature. They work best when utilising very dry, short pieces of timber. The denser the hardwood, the better the heating. Grey box, Mallee Roots and Black box is strongly recommended due to their high density and longer burning capacity. Two cubic metres of hardwood (costing approx $230) will ensure continuous usage for approximately twenty days, maintaining the heat at 450ºC. This equates to an average running cost of $11.50 per day! The dome of the oven is available in various artiginal finishes. These ovens are also suitable for outdoor use.

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