Pago Apricot Juice 24 X 200ml

Pago Apricot Juice  24 X 200ml

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Pago Apricot Juice 24 X 200ml

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Pago # 6952215


Pago Apricot Juice is an all time favourite that convinces with its intense aroma and pleasant texture. Pago Apricot Juice is a real enjoyment to drink .

Additional Information

Pago Apricot Juice is the Best taste winner because itís exclusively made from delicious apricots from southern Italy. The facts: In spring, our fruit experts check the blossom to help gauge the right time for harvesting. The apricots are picked by hand in the traditional way in Piemont, Imola and selected regions in Southern Italy. The fruit: The apricot is native to Northern China but is now cultivated in many warmer countries, especially around the Mediterranean. The juice: Pago Apricot Juice is made from apricot purée without the skin - to make sure it tastes of pure apricot and nothing else. Drink Pago Apricot Juice today!

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