Pago Ace Juice 24 X 200ml

Pago Ace Juice 24 X 200ml

Product Name

Pago Ace Juice 24 X 200ml

Product Brand

Pago # 6955625


Pago Ace Juice is made up of freshly squeezed Oranges, Carrots & Lemons. Pago Ace juice offers a refreshing combination of pleasantly balanced fruit and the crisp flavour provides pre-drinking enjoyment anytime of the day.

Additional Information

This is the original Pago Ace juice, created by Pago in 1996. Regularly copied, but never matched! The facts: Pago created this remarkable fruit and vegetable juice. Pago Ace is a mixture of sweet oranges, bitter lemons and healthy carrots. The fruit: Citrus fruits were first brought to Sicily by the Arabs in the 9th century. Now you can find them in most sunny places all over the world. The juice: Pago Ace Orange Carrot Lemon is full of vitamins. Only Pago fruit sommeliers know the special mix which creates that incomparable flavour. Drink Pago Ace Juice today

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