Pago Peach Nectar 24x200ml

Pago Peach Nectar 24x200ml

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Pago Peach Nectar 24x200ml

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Pago # 6955550


Pago Peach Nectar uses only fully ripened, unblemished peaches from Italy's Piedmont region. Pago Peach Nectar has a velvet texture which is subtle at first but then delivers an unmistakable fruity finish.

Additional Information

Pago Peach Nectar is exclusively made with carefully selected Mediterranean peaches. Feel its silky, velvety texture. The facts: The velvety texture of peach is subtle at first but then it delivers an unmistakable fruit finish. It's a classic flavour in Mediterranean countries like Spain or Italy. The fruit: The peach is native to China, where it is regarded as a symbol of youth and rejuvenation. Sweet and juicy, its soft, velvety skin distinguishes it from the smoother nectarine. "You're a real peach" came from the tradition of giving a peach to a friend. The juice: Pago Peach Nectar is a delicious nectar from tree-ripened peaches grown in Piemont, Italy. Pago Peach Nectar is rounded off with a dash of nectarine to make it special. Drink Pago Peach Nectar today!

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