Pago Pear Nectar 24 X200ml

Pago Pear Nectar 24 X200ml

Product Name

Pago Pear Nectar 24 X200ml

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Pago # 6955548


Pago Pear Nectar with its grainy texture is a unique specialty with an incredible aroma. Pago Pear Nectar is made with the pear varieties- Williams and Guillaume are mixed in a secret ratio to give it a very unique flavour on the palate.

Additional Information

Pago Pear Nectar is a concentrated, liquid pear nectar with an unbeatable aroma because it’s made using the traditional ?liqueur’ pears ? ?Poire William’ and ?Poire Jules Guyot’. Pago Pear Nectar: The facts: Instead of squeezing the pears, they purée their grainy flesh to make Pago Pear the complete sensuous experience for connoisseurs. The fruit: There's a long tradition of eating pears in Europe. In the 18th and 19th centuries they were fashionable in high society. Today the number of pear species is estimated at over 2,500. The juice: To make Pago Pear Nectar, only two varieties are good enough to be used: Williams and Guillaume mixed in a secret ratio. Williams being one of the world's most popular pears. Drink Pago Pear Nectar today!

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