Defendi Gorgonzola Piccante D.o.p. (naturale)

Defendi Gorgonzola Piccante D.o.p. (naturale)

Product Name

Defendi Gorgonzola Piccante D.o.p. (naturale)

Product Brand

Defendi #1833


Gorgonzola is a famous blue cheese originating in Italy, with a distinctive smell which many liken to old shoes. Gorgonzola is part of an illustrious family of blue cheeses, which are formed when ambient molds infiltrate curing cheeses. Today, Gorgonzola is inoculated directly with the moulds spores, to guarantee that the cheese is colonized by the right mold. The cheese comes in a young and sweet variation and a much more robust aged version, both of which are widely enjoyed.

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