Fontina Aosta D.o.p. (circa 7.5kg)

Fontina Aosta  D.o.p. (circa 7.5kg)

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Fontina Aosta D.o.p. (circa 7.5kg)

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Fanticini # 6004019


True Fontina, a supple raw milk cheese, is crafted exclusively in the Valle d'Aosta in the far northwest corner of Italy. It can delight the palate with flavors evocative of honey at room temperature and of truffles when melted. Though cheese factories in the area produce it year-round, the finest Fontina is made in mountain chalets exclusively during the summer months. The cheese's thin, light brown rind is often marbled with terra-cotta or yellow, and is usually lightly oiled. The straw-colored interior is speckled with small round holes. Wheels of Fontina weigh anywhere from 8 to 18 kilograms, and are ripened for three months. Wheel approx 7.5 kg.

Additional Information

The Fontina Cheese used for cooking: as cubes for appetizers, to the classic slice at the end of a meal, the Fontina Cheese transforms every dish as unique and substantial. They can be simple toasts or rice-salads, or elaborate soufflés, the traditional polenta and Valdostana steaks, pasta au gratin and risotti: with the Fontina Cheese there's always a slice more of taste.

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