Monnalisa Pecorino Stravecchio (approx 7 Kg)

Monnalisa Pecorino Stravecchio (approx 7 Kg)

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Monnalisa Pecorino Stravecchio (approx 7 Kg)

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Monnalisa Stravecchio Weight: pcs. about 7 kg approx. It 's a pecorino least 8 months, 7 to 8 kg as an intense taste mild and sweet flavour. The dough despite the long season is pasty and firabile intense straw color. It produces few forms per year, for this exceptional product is needed constant care and attention, should lubricate the blade and turn, wipe or wash when needed. ___________________________________________ In our dairy it is processed exclusively from sheep's milk collected in the countryside around Siena. The processing is performed up to 24 hours after milking, clotting occurs in small tubs to keep the cheese as possible. The products are made from fresh, all'abbucciato in the semi-seasoned and seasoned.

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