Garofalo Fettucce No. 15 - 24 X 500g

Garofalo Fettucce No. 15 - 24 X 500g

Product Name

Garofalo Fettucce No. 15 - 24 X 500g

Product Brand

Garofalo # Garofa15


Garofalo Fettucce are a slightly wider form of pasta than the standard Fettuccine. Garofalo Signature pastas are created from only the finest semolina wheat sourced from across the globe. Semolina wheat used to create Garofalo Signature pastas must meet the highest standards for protein content and color quality to guarantee a product with superior aesthetic and flavor that will perform consistently whether prepared by a professional or home chef. Garofalo performs over 25 quality checks on each of its Signature cuts and runs all standard industry controls twice to ensure unmatched quality for its Signature line of pastas.

Additional Information

Garofalo Bronze Dye The Garofalo Signature line offers traditional Neapolitan cuts, most of which are created using traditional bronze dies to ensure that the integrity of each cut’s texture is preserved. Garofalo uses mostly bronze dyes to create each of its textured cuts, including Garofalo Signature’s specialty cuts Schiaffoni, Pappardelle and Calamarata as well as traditional cuts Farfalle, Fusilli and Penne Rigate which boasts textured ridges on both the inside and the outside of each noodle.

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