Garofalo Fusilli No. 63 - 16 X 500g

Garofalo Fusilli No. 63 - 16 X 500g

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Garofalo Fusilli No. 63 - 16 X 500g

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Garofalo # Garofa63


Garofalo Fusilli The name Fusilli means rifle. This popular pasta cut, shaped as a three-edged spiral, was inspired by the process by which the inside barrel of a gun is "rifled," using a similarly screw-shaped device. Garofalo Fusilli is perfect when paired with cream sauces that cling to the interior grooves of its spiral shape.

Additional Information

Pasta Preparation Tips * Don’t skimp on the water! Use a large enough pot to boil four quarts of water per pound of Garofalo pasta. * Adding a pinch of salt will help the water boil faster and flavour your choice of Garofalo pasta. * Once the water has reached to boiling, lower heat slightly to create a rolling boil. * There is no need to add any oil to the water to prevent the pasta from sticking. If you use the proper amount of water and keep the temperature at a rolling boil, the Garofalo pasta will not stick. * Follow directions included on the package for the type of Garofalo pasta you are preparing to ensure the correct cooking time. Garofalo Pasta should be cooked ?al dente’ or ?to the tooth’ meaning that the pasta should be firm but not hard. Garofalo pasta should have a bite and not be soggy. * Before draining the Garofalo pasta, save a cup of the boiling liquid for thickening the sauce. The starches in the liquid will help the sauce stick to the pasta. * DO NOT RINSE YOUR PASTA! Washing Garofalo pasta after it has drained will remove all of the starches that help the sauce adhere to the pasta.

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