Garofalo Bucatini No.14 - 24 X 500g

Garofalo Bucatini No.14 - 24 X 500g

Product Name

Garofalo Bucatini No.14 - 24 X 500g

Product Brand

Garofalo # Garofa14


Garofalo Signature pasta is created from only the finest semolina wheat sourced from across the globe. Garofalo exceeds the highest standards for protein and gluten content and colour quality to guarantee a product with superior aesthetic and flavour.

Additional Information

The Drying Process of Garofalo Pasta: The Triad Drying Process of adjusting drying length and temperature for each cut is applied during production to ensure consistency and quality across all Signature pasta offerings. With over 200 years of experience in traditional Neapolitan pasta making, passed down over several generations, has taught Garofalo that each individual cut of pasta requires a different temperature for optimal texture, aesthetic and performance. The drying process used to make Garofalo pasta relies on the combination of only the best raw materials and extensive quality testing which allows Garofalo Signature to offer a quality controlled pasta product. Garofalo combines the best of traditional pasta making techniques with the efficiencies of today’s technology.

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